Help make a transitional house a Home


In 2016, a report found that ~25% of homeless youth in Toronto identified as part of the LGBTQI2S community. Four years have passed since, the long-anticipated Friends of Ruby Home opening is now approaching to advance us all towards our vision of LGBTQI2S youth empowerment.   

The Friends of Ruby Home is one of Canada’s custom-built transitional homes for LGBTQI2S youth, bringing together inclusive housing with mental health supports specific to their needs.   

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, LGBTQI2S youth facing violence and homelessness need an accessible, welcoming space, along with mental health and life skills support. This can only be achieved with your generous contributions.   

Many LGBTQI2S youth are self-isolating in an environment that may not affirm their identity and are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 which exacerbates their increased risk to mental health challenges. Now more than ever is the time to tackle LGBTQI2S youth homelessness!  

“Counselling is an essential part of Friends of Ruby’s services for LGBTQI2S youth. Since the start of the pandemic in March, between 49%-65% of the visitors to Friends of Ruby have requested counselling services, proving its essential value during this pandemic in comparison to our other services.”  

From my personal experiences in different housing programs and my own experience of working at our drop-in centre, I have seen the importance of youth being able to talk to staff with whom they can build trusting relationships.”  – Michael Butac, Housing Case Manager Friends of Ruby Home 

Your contributions directly support essential and accessible mental health and housing services for LGBTQI2S youth in the Greater Toronto Area.   

Thank you for your continued support through this journey. Together, we can empower LGBTQI2S youth to live healthy independent lives.