Navigating The Workplace As Trans And Non-binary Folks

Download the full zine below.

Trans and non-binary people come from all walks of life and are represented in every race, class, culture and sexual orientation. Trans and non-binary people work in manufacturing plants, in hotels, in retail, in government, in nursing homes—in short, in every sector of the economy.

Discrimination in employment is a serious issue facing trans people. Trans people in the public eye are particularly vulnerable to harassment and transphobia. Outing any trans person can expose them to transphobic violence and danger. Nobody should have to choose between their livelihood and respect.

Human rights legislation in all Canadian jurisdictions is clear that trans and non-binary people are entitled to protection against discrimination based on sex, gender expression and gender identity in employment. Labor laws in all Canadian jurisdictions also give employers and unions the duty to accommodate trans workers up to the point of undue hardship.

As a Trans and Non-binary person knowing your legal rights and employer’s responsibilities can help you better navigate the workplace. In addition, it’s important to learn how to advocate for yourself. Friends of Ruby has launched a zine to help trans and Non-binary people through the process. Download the full zine below.