Egale Resources

Check out these helpful resources for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth from Egale Canada.

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Egale, Canada’s leading advocate for 2SLGBTQI rights, is dedicated to enhancing lives
through research, education, and human rights advocacy. 

In 2014, they established Friends of Ruby (formerly Egale Youth Services) in response to their ‘Not Under My Roof’ study.
This study uncovered alarming rates of youth homelessness within the 2SLGBQTIA+ community, primarily caused by family rejection, violence, and trauma.

Egale Canada embarked on two crucial initiatives: the development of a housing facility and the establishment of a Youth Centre to provide support and insight into the lives of these youth during the construction process. This resulted in the opening of Friends of Ruby Home in 2019 and the Youth Drop-In Centre at 489 Queen Street East.

If you are interested in better understanding gender identities and pronouns, and engaging in conversations about mental health
and faith, there’s a wealth of useful and important knowledge waiting for you on Egale’s website.

Language TitleSummaryLink
EN2SLGBTQI+ Terms and DefinitionsProvides basic definitions for common terms related to gender and attraction diversity.
FRRessources pour jeunes trans et non-binairesFrench guide for additional trans and non-binary resources.
ENAdditional Resources: Trans and Nonbinary Youth WebinarEnglish – ^ guide for additional trans and non-binary resources and link to a webinar.
FR/ENTermes et concepts 2SLGBTQI+Terms and concept guide that goes through foundational topics around 2SLGBTQIA+ experiences (such as systems of oppression, sex vs gender).
EN/FRGenderbread Person: Components of Human IdentityTopic in human identity and its various components through “Gender bread person” model – gender identity vs expression vs assigned sex vs attraction.
ENAffirming and Inclusive LanguageExploring how language can be gendered and how to use inclusive language.
ENPronoun Usage GuideSpeaks to the importance of pronouns and some of the more common pronoun iterations.
EN/FRTips on how to practice 2SLGBTQI AllyshipDefines allyship and steps that can be taken to be an ally.
FRLa foi et les jeunes personnes 2SLGBTQI+French – faith and young 2SLGBTQ+ people. Resource guide and webinar about the gap b/w religion and identity in relation to 2SLGBTQI youth.
ENFaith and 2SLGBTQI+ YouthEnglish – ^^ faith and young 2SLGBTQ+ people. Resource guide and webinar about the gap b/w religion and identity in relation to 2SLGBTQI youth.
EN/FR2022 Pride Summer Reading List Recommended books to include in a reading list centering queer authors and topics relating to queer people.
ENTerms and Definitions: Systems of Oppression and PrivilegeA quick reference that provides basic definitions for common terms and concepts related to oppression and privilege to support discussion and further learning.
ENStuck in quarantine with your homophobic or transphobic family?Navigational tool for those determining if/when it is safe to come out.
ENLGBTQI2S Mental Health Tips during the COVID-19 PandemicNavigating healthy mental health mindset and resources – in relation to elevated stress levels from the pandemic.
ENResources: Conversion Therapy Ban #EndCTForAllOutlines what conversion therapy is, its effects, acts that are illegal, and how to identify conversion therapy practices.