TYES Frontline Worker’s Employment Toolkit

This toolkit is helps HR professionals to better support LGBTQI2S youth in their professional journey and in maintaining stable employment.

LGBTQI2S youth face specific challenges when searching, securing and maintaining stable employment, including discrimination due to their gender expression, gender identity and/or sexual attraction. At Friends of Ruby, we see first-hand the trauma and mental health consequences caused by this discrimination.

This toolkit was created by Friends of Ruby in partnership with the City of Toronto through the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES) to help frontline workers and HR professionals better support LGBTQI2S youth in their professional journeys. It provides illustrative examples from the experiences of LGBTQI2S youth, along with tools and resources. It builds on our organization’s six years of experience working closely with LGBTQI2S youth and was written in consultation with LGBTQI2S youth and professionals. We hope you find it helpful!