Drop-In Services and Youth Centre Programming

The Friends of Ruby drop-in centre is the place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and two-spirt youth in the GTA (aged 16-29) to find counselling, practical supports and a sense of community.

At our drop-in centre at 489 Queen St. East in downtown Toronto we have

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    Meals, snacks, light groceries (delivered twice weekly)
  • computer icon
    Computer lab with WiFi
  • printer icon
    Printer and fax machine
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    Phone services
  • harm reduction kit
    Harm reduction kits
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    Personal hygiene kits
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    TV with content streaming
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    TTC tokens
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    Lounging area
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    Community resources
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    Book library
  • LGBTQI2S icon
    Programming that puts LGBTQI2S-youth first

About Our Programming

Every week, Friends of Ruby hosts programs that are fun, educational and build community. Our Drop-in is open Tuesday through Thursday from 1:30 PM – 6:00 PM, and Fridays from 1:30 PM – 5 PM! 

  • Drop-in Movie Tuesdays

    From documentaries to Disney, Thursday evenings are a fun time to be at the drop-in space for dinner, snacks and a film. September through December.

  • Raise Your Voice

    Raise your voice is a program that uses games, fun activities, and the dramatic arts to introduce participants into exploring storytelling. The motto behind it is “Everyone has a story! How will you choose to tell yours when you are ready!” In the beginning of this program storytelling will be explored through lighthearted activities such as broken telephone. This will create the foundation that leads up to more story focused activities exploration, performances and so much more. Refreshments will be provided by staff.

  • Wellness

    From making self-care kits to circuit training, we are excited to focus on accessible and fun ways to care for yourself. We’ll focus on caring for our minds, bodies, and our communities through advocacy, art, and movement.

  • Park Hangs

    We are excited to announce that we are relaunching park hangs! We want to soak up the most of the summer with you and spend intentional time in community together. Each week we will offer a different activity that is outdoor accessible. From lawn games, beading, art in the park, nature walks, picnics, and dip dye!

  • Board Game Throw Back

    Laid back inclusive programming planned for busy days. Many of the participants have requested we start running board games again. This will be a great opportunity for us to get to know the participants and them us as well as become comfortable with the many games we have at the drop-in.

  • The Real

    Participants share their real opinions surrounding numerous topics. We want to give participants the opportunity to discuss what is on their mind. This is the program where we discuss topics from social justice, to pop culture, down to anything that may be going on around the world. Every time that this program will be discussed, facilitators will have a list prepared to discuss just in case participants do not have any topics they would like to discuss off the top of their heads. Of course, topics must be approved by facilitators to avoid having certain inappropriate discussions that put participants at risk of being triggered in the drop in space.

  • J&S Success Services

    J&S success services is a space for participants to bring in their resumes, cover letters, university applications, and so forth to the space. The drop-in staff will be using our lived experience in the job field to provide support to work on respective projects. In addition, J&S support services will be partnering with external organization to run workshops, job fairs, and still development.

Other Main Services

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Mental Health & Wellness Support

Our counsellors’ approach is integrative, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive and collaborative by design. Wherever youth are on their personal journey, we’re here for them.

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Case Management & Practical Supports

Need support finding a job or inclusive housing? Having trouble navigating the healthcare system? Our case managers can help with that.

friends of ruby housing

Transitional Housing

Along with the Friends of Ruby Home, one of the few transitional homes dedicated to LGBTQI2S youth, at our Youth Centre we always offer help finding inclusive shelter space and housing.