Ode to Ruby

Friends of Ruby is sad to share that on Friday, July 2, our dearest friend Ruby passed away in a peaceful and beautiful manner. She was surrounded by loved ones and enjoyed her favourite food until the very last minute. Since last year, Ruby has been experiencing a decline in her health. Throughout these last few months, she has been continuously in a comfortable state, healthy, and surrounded by friendly faces.    


A few years ago, a youth visiting the drop-in space was facing difficulty connecting and communicating with others. They spent most of their time away from the group and despite our best efforts, they didn’t seem comfortable engaging with staff or other participants. This changed once they were introduced to Ruby, a golden retriever who enjoys cuddling and the company of others. Little by little, the youth opened up, asking for Ruby whenever they visited and eventually starting counselling, with Ruby by their side.  

Grace, Compassion and Love 

Along with being the inspiration behind our name, Ruby has impacted many lives of youth and staff alike. We are lucky to have been in presence of true grace, compassion and love.

Friends of Ruby is all about creating a supportive community. More than a pet, Ruby was a symbol of the connections that happen under our roof. 

Do you want to share the impact Ruby has made in your life?

Celebrating Ruby

We invite you to follow this form and submit any photos, memories or pleasant encounters you’ve had with Ruby. It will act as a memory cloud where we can collectively celebrate Ruby. We welcome youth, Friends of Ruby staff and anyone who has been touched by Ruby’s presence to submit. Alternatively, you can click the button below.