Invest in Trans Youth:

Meet Brodi-Tyler


Brodi-Tyler grew up in a town that felt too small to be himself. When he was ready to leave, he began in his search for community and found so much more than he’d anticipated.

In 2019, he began to attend regular programming at the Youth Drop-in Centre. Case Workers and Clinical Counsellors provided him with one-on-one mental health supports, professional development, art therapy and many community resources.

Today, Brodi-Tyler is at a place of pride, certainty, and joy but like many other trans youth, his journey has not always been linear.

Watch Brodi-Tyler’s story

If you ask Brodi-Tyler, he’d tell you his story starts in 2017. He was a 19-year-old at a place of uncertainty and big decisions. 

I started to figure out my values, unlearn and relearn everything about myself, it took me months and months until I felt that I discovered my true self, but I couldn’t actually be myself until I was open and free to do so in front of others.

Community is integral for him and an important part of self-discovery for Brodi-Tyler meant sharing this news with friends and family, through the experience of ‘coming out.’

Brodi-Tyler’s story is unique to his experiences, but it also reflects the journey of other trans youth in our community. Peer support and community are essential to trans youth; access to networks, services, and support are vital to youth’s well-being 

Research shows that transgender youth are often alienated from their family of origin, relying on local services including affirming organizations and peers for survival.

As a community, we can work toward a world where all trans youth are validated, involved, and empowered to lead their lives, where they feel welcomed, and are given an opportunity to succeed.

Together, we can invest in trans youth. Donate today.