Support LGBTQI2S youth with Friends of Ruby


What does ‘Home’ mean to you?

Home may be a space for acceptance and family joy, or a place where you can grow and be who you truly are. The holidays can be a difficult time for LGBTQI2S youth experiencing family rejection for being who they are. A ‘Chosen Family’ of friends can fill in the gap, providing love, support and a safe space. 

At Friends of Ruby, we believe every LGBTQI2S youth deserves a place to call home, especially during this pandemic. 

The Friends of Ruby Home was built to address their unique challenges, meeting personal needs of what defines home for LGBTQI2S youth. It eliminates the hidden barriers some LGBTQI2S youth face when accessing social support, who are in danger of falling through the cracks. 

Only with your generous contributions can LGBTQI2S youth access in-house independent living programs necessary for life improvement, nurturing themselves with healthy eating practices and responsible financial management.  

Together, let us uplift LGBTQI2S youth towards a better tomorrow!